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We want to know what inspired you to become an ally for gender equality. Tell us your story, and you can end up featured on our Facebook page or our website.

What is your story?

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Q: What is your story?
A: As a father, husband and brother I have an obligation to contribute to a world that safe and fair for both girls and boys. I have worked with an organisation that addressed challenges faced by the girl child and in my current work I interact with organisations that are striving to make the world responsive to the socio – economic and political needs of women. I have encountered the effects of gender inequality and its contribution to gender based violence affecting relatives and friends in my social life. This has all inspired me to become an ally of gender equality. I believe this platform will allow me to share my ideas and experiences with other like – minded people and work together towards gender equality.
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Q: What is your story?
A: I am a fashion designer and i was hit quite hard by the recession .In one of the many hard times I asked myself " Why am I doing all of this? why do I spend so much time, effort and money trying to do fashion?" The answer was" for the love of working with and for women"! So I decided to take responsibility and help a group of women who is dear to me: artists. I created an online gallery for female artists " women Artists of the World" and the “international Foundation for Women Artists” Visit both websites and help us help female artists get gender equity.
Thanks !
Gilles Montezin